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- REVIEW DRUSBA - BY Dave Cantrell (2016)

A Case of Scarlet Fever You’re Going to WANT to Catch – Escarlatina Obsessiva’s “Drusba”

- O Absurdo como tema do álbum DRUSBA (JAN / 2016)

- NOVO VÍDEO: Escarlatina Obsessiva (não recomendado para pessoas com estômagos fracos):
CINEMA DE BUTECO - Impressões de J. Vannucchi sobre Bodies That Devour (Official Video Clip - Maio 2016)

Escarlatina Obsessiva: New Video Single “Bodies That Devour” Released, And It Will Eat Your Soul! By Adian Caine / Deathrock PA (April / 2016)


Review Escarlatina Obsessiva’s 2nd Album, “Endemic” - by Hannah

Imagine if Monica Richards decided to work with Tying Tiffany. Now imagine they were raving in your underground bunker flat. I only recently discovered this band thanks to Facebook and was thrilled when I saw that their CD “Endemic” was free from their record label, Zorch Factory Records. I had some issues downloading albums from this site so the band emailed me the tracks and I am so grateful they did!
There’s something very unique about this band. It’s a kind of “Day of the Dead” feel (the holiday not the film) which lends itself to the fact that the duo hail from Brazil. I can practically see the candles and skulls when I listen.
The seven songs on “Endemic” each have something amazing going for them so I will cover them each in order.
We are first introduced to the band in the effortless sounding “Guillotine”. It is a wonder of an intro, the vocals of which are where I get the Monica Richards reference. Though layered and full of unique pieces, this song just rolls naturally as if it were the easiest thing in the world to play. It is definitely easy to listen to.
The second song “Pandemic” is similar and I would recommend it to those who are more inclined toward Lucas Lanthier’s way of getting out the lyrics in a way that just doesn’t quite fit and therein lies the perfection of it.
“Androids” has to be one of my favourites on this album, if for nothing else than the synth intro. I also love how psychobilly it sounds in, again not the right way, which is what makes it so perfect.
Next we come upon “Paranormal”, with a fantastic drum track and is similar to a punked-up Bauhaus instrumentally. The vocals of singer Karolina continue to be amazing and echo perfectly. Though I am somewhat saddened by the fact that most listeners will be so distracted by her fantastic vocals that they won’t fully appreciate her talented bass playing throughout the album in general.
The fifth song, “Depressurization“, floors me when I hear the mad skills of keyboard playing Zaf. The keys in this piece could go unnoticed as just another layer of instrumentation but when you break down the individual body parts of this song and listen to the intensity with which the chords are played, it is impossible not to feel amazed.
The title that had me intrigued from first sight was “As Giant as a Hill” which continues the flow and effortless playing found in the previous songs. By this point I am really appreciating the quality of the guitar and feeling as though I have left the underground bunker and have headed into the sun…just in time for an eclipse.
The finale, “Things We Need to Buy or Steal”, is the perfect rounding off to a fantastic album. The space-worthy sounds that add to the instrumentation give it almost a feeling of a protective bubble in which we can find reason that we can do whatever it takes to take care of ourselves, buying or stealing as the title suggests.
Though each song has its completely individual qualities and each reminds me of a very different musician, the songs flow so well together that you could have no doubt that it was all by the same band. All in all I am very happy with this album apart from one thing, the capitalist in me is asking why on earth it is free when it is this good?

Hope you are happy and like I said, let me know if you are not!

Artist of the month in Static Magazin - Germany (March 2011)

Already with the first notes the album title reveals its significance – “Endemic”. The sound immediately reminds one of the scene’s heroes Siouxsie and the Banshees, but may be not dismissed as a cheap copy. The duo is unique and different with such a sonorous diversity; we simply have to devote ourselves to.

Immersed in the atmosphere, you find yourself in a dancing crowd of like-minded people. You can observe how every one surrenders to the voice of singer Karolina and the perfect musical accompaniment by Zaf.

We talk about Escarlatina Obsessiva – a band from sunny São Thomé, Brazil. Since 2006 Karolina (vocals, bass) and Zaf (guitar, keyboards, synthie) provide us with a good mix of somber dark-wave and post punk. 4 albums they already call their own and I’m sure, “Endemic” won’t be the last release.

Now I’m already convinced– Escarlatina Obsessiva is going to be my personal Band of the Year 2011. I don’t know what this album does to me, but I can tell you you have to immerse in. It’s the interaction of Karolina’s clear voice and the sound of the synths that create a strange, yet somehow familiar environment.

The composition of profound lyrics, the album’s overall speed and the effects of the various instrumental accompaniment – it makes you just speechless! Nearly every song shows that almost typical rhythm that follows Escarlatina Obsessiva like a loyal entourage. Impressive!

“Guillotine” is not only the opener of “Endemic”, but also the obvious highlight. Starting off with the strong sound of the strings, which afterwards disappears in the background. Karolina’s voice immediately reminds one of the legendary Siouxsie Sioux. Continuing with “Pandemic” and “Androids”, the album turns into a slightly quieter sound – even tough the album is anything else than silent and quiet.

Shortly afterwards the fast sound returns and makes you hit the dance floor. And last but not least the incredible sound of the synths. Fantastic! “As a giant as hell” and “Things we need to buy or steal” form the end of this superb piece.

“Things we need to buy or steal” is one of the best tracks on “Endemic”. It’s the perfect end of this great album. Accompanied by fast, but somehow still quiet tones Karolina’s voice step by step replaces the instrumental parts. An absolute highlight!

Mick Mercer sobre Chants of Lethe

Eles tem uma absoluta e primitiva aproximação rítmica em "The Rats", vocais severos mas
dolorosos, entao vc precisa situá-los, num gráfico, em algum lugar onde X-mal
e La Peste Negra se cruzam, notem que eles usam strings e uma cascata de perdição em
redemoinho esbarra em vc como um gancho magnético, e arrasta vc por tuneis assustadores,
seja o que for q vc tenha planejado fazer. É dramaticamente brilhante. O sintetizador
"levanta" e inunda "Winter", induzindo Karolina a subir ao patamar e assustar o som com
suas mórbidas declarações enquanto o baixo voa livremente, a guitarra mergulha para o
topo e espuma, enquanto "Third Chant" tem um pano de fundo delicioso para sublinhar o
nervosismo do vocal, enquanto eles se tornam mais artisticos, soberbos e frios.
Úmida mas brilhante glória post punk segue na doce "Opus" e existe uma delicada elegancia
nesta aproximação mais subterranea de Siouxsie, mas uma estritamente moderna empatia, embora
eu suspeite q esta canção se chame "Winter", pq eu devo ter tentado gravar essas faixas no cd
na ordem correta mas o Nero parece fazer o q ele quer, então não considere estes títulos como
corretos. "Window's Fly" é tensa com a tensão controlada dos vocais e musicalmente bem acolchoada
com um ritmo sólido e o sintetizador estranhamente deprimido. "Eletric Flux" cintila positivamente
mas com um banho raivoso de sons soprando poderosamente, e mais uma vez esta singular habilidade
de trazer à tona uma dignidade musical que pode ser atraente, mas eles tb incluem uma atmosfera com
sentimentos fortes, como um pop com músculos.
Eles desviam levemente o caminho com "One Eye Only" mas continuam intrigantes, pq enquanto ela
se desenvolve, mais vc se adapta ao seu grade tremor e apesar dos vocais vagarem, a música
parece escalar sob um peso enorme, e vc deseja que continue. "Frenetic" é quase uma colisão
entre um passeio punk e uma necessidade "shoegazer", que é bem estranha, com belo baixo e teclados
bizarros. "The Smallest" tb singular na maneira em que o ritmo avança sonolentamente apesar
da urgência do vocal e em seu interior possui um belo entusiasmo subjulgado. Finalmente
"msAnxiety" é algo pequenino, andando na ponta dos pés e então mergulhando no precipício,
levando a inteligentemente insistente, quase audaciosa "Fishes", que rapidamente se transforma
em agonizante, mas com outro senso de melodrama majestoso.
Eles são o tipo de banda que faz tudo valer a pena, sendo cheios de aventuras musicais e ambições
e não tão polidos a ponto de perderem algo.