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Webzine Independent Sounds - INTERVIEW (April / 2016)




Hello, how are you? I am listening to your albums as we speak. I always know I am hooked on a band when a song keeps me hypnotized for days. I have listened to your song ”Millions of Bones” countless times, often without stopping for hours. Driving my boyfriend (and neighbours probably) insane….I love it so much. You’ve added something to the melody and the lyrics which completely made me cooked on you even more. What have you done to my soul? What’s the link between me and your music? What is it that makes this song so catchy, so tantalising? You have been writing songs and creating for a number of years. Can you tell me a little bit about yourselves? How do you describe your part that you play in the game of life? How do you describe your input in the band? Where does the band band’s name come from?

Oh thank you dear! We also love that song, and it's nice it feels the same for you!!! A "biographical" element , the looking for different ways and paths, and our eternal, even 'obsessive', attempt to tear ourselves apart from our past ways of composing, and from "old" sonorities, and even from occasional influences, always act over the rising of the personality of the songs. Because, like in palimpsests, pictures of the paths we take and landscapes we pass through during our looking for a new form are always printed under the external masks of the songs, like veins and muscles under faint skins, influencing the external physiognomies... Perhaps this is attractive, for eyes that can see it, and in this song this looks less latescent, and perhaps more evident. Something like that could also (I mean about the "eternal look for") be said about our lifes, at this point, and at this time, if definitions had any value at all... But, about the name of the band, it was inspired in a paradox - the image of THE paradox itself, token of the infinite paradoxes that round us and fill our lifes with grief, uncertainty and despair. Something like, for instance: if one can't fly without wings or devices, why did the nature made him born with that wish, and made him dream madly about it each moment of his life? How boundaries and the wish for liberty can inhabit the same body? And how could I extract a reasoning for living from all that? It's about corporal prison, boundaries, frustrations caused by congenital limits, and because of this it's essentially about freedom, liberty and accomplished wishes...

I particularly like the videos of your songs, they are all really raw and genuine. They appear really fresh in today’s world of over edited music videos. Tell me about the process, the ideas, the plans of a video making? Who is coordinating the images, the colours, the choice of places to shoot? Have you got a favourite video yourself? What influences you in your song-writing and visual creations?

The process of filming the videos is amazing, cause it usually includes long ridings to distant places, here in the town where we live, into caverns, and high hills, and other lonely distant places, and we love it, cause besides the footage, there's the isolation of the landscapes, that bring us always joy and peace.. And we always look for new lanscapes, and big stones and different images, that can coincidentally refer to the lows and highs in our songs and our lyrics with a mute, distant, but evident familiarity. And it seems that our hometown, with it's hills and mountains, and it's huge sky with it's silences and storms, and it's peculiar places, has so a strong influence over our songs that, in the end of the production, they fit nicely with them in our videos... All our videos are produced, filmed and edited by ourselves, and we enjoy all of them...they also mark phases in our lifes and our artistic jobs...and this is also great for us... About the influnces, there's a very big range of objects, images, sounds, feelings and ideas, and other elements, that influence us in our composing act. It's something that changes with time, and in most cases, since some years, our songs try not to talk about personal philosophic views or opinions, but to walk in a different and more simbolic and poetic way ...

How is life in the band these days? And what about outside? What was 2012 like for you? Ups and downs? What are your plans for 2013?

Heheh for us there is no outside: everything that happens in our lives is at some degree referred to the band... We hope 2013 to be a cool year! We had a great 2012, year we released our last album, The Organ Grinder Songs, and we also had a little tour in Brazil with our friends from Sullen Serenade (U.S.)..

Can you tell me about The Dead Jivaro project? We are big fans of DJ Alien Pagan and his musical adventures. What was the idea behind this band? What was it like to work with him?

Yeah! We have the band with Alien S Pagan, and it really occurred naturally; it was a logic consequence of our meeting, since we had some common artistic objetives... and it couldn't be different: songs came and more songs are to come for sure!

What are your thoughts on the music scene where you are? What is it like to be in a band in 2013? Postpunk? What draws you to the style of music you play?

We think brazilian underground post punk deathrock scene is something that grows bigger each day, and the internet times surely helped to make things more cohesive and made possible the linking into several djs, events and bands, which yields great consequences, as such as the rising of an environment where new bands can emerge. It's different to be a band today than it was in the 80's, for instance. There are new facilities and new difficulties, and it's a question of adaptation... We're not the first band that prefer not to be included in any segment or style, for reasons as such as our necessity of always be looking after developing different sonorities, looking for different musical realities, walking through unexplored paths, what could always tear us apart from any pre-determined style... Well... anyway, that's also a tendency to follow, and we naturaly do it: we much more endeavour to tear ourselves apart from any specific style, and even from ourselves, than to get close to anything else... But, we surely have our musical preferences, and if we needed to be included in a list where bands NEEDED to have any label stamped over their foreheads, we'd rather be, amongst all labels, under the POST PUNK or DARK PUNK PUNK ones (though it can change hehehe)

Do you feel like you are an old soul? Do you know where your interest in the strange comes from? What do you usually see when you close your eyes? How do you see yourself outside of your body…if you were doing some astral travelling?

Yes, but despite I feel my soul is old, I really can't find in it's antiquity and agedness nothing more than pure repetition... And I think that, in general, the interest for the strange comes from the matter we're made of, because we're made of pure mystery. When we think about such aspect of our lifes, that we're matter mostly composed of empty spaces, we can easily understand that mystery is still our prime element... We can find the big and the small within our soul, unreachable misty hills and afloat abysses, as such as in an incomplete image of the outside universe ... It seems like it is all partly unveiled for us during the life...but it only seems, and it's always partly - cause there will always be almost everything unreachable, left to be unveiled and touched... Sometimes in our lifes, for instance at night, when we close our eyes, in the lapse between the vigil and the sleep, and our reason gets sleepy, and "ghosts" start to appear, we can have a strange perception of that totality... At such ocasions, and in several others ocasions in our lifes, we can face the abyss, and we can almost touch it's depths with our fingers...

Would you give yourself to the devil or would you rather be blessed by angels? What are the darker aspects of your personality…? Is there a limit to your self-exploration as an artist? Can people push you into doing something that you are not happy about? What are your dreams, what is it you are trying to experience in your band?

This things are not separated in this world, and I'd rather think that they are "different degrees of the same scale". Good and evil are so mixed that they are really unrecognizable in our reality. So that the darker aspects of the personality of a man can be the lightest and brightest ones, seen from a different point or perspective of the same man's history of life. And even an "enlightenment" can only be a cruel awakening to the darkness, to the emptiness, and to the gloom. , and etc.... To take decisions based upon these concepts include the necessity of a judgement ruled by "quality", what looks really antiquate. It's like to say: "Ravenous passions are not good for humanity", or whatever moral laws and etc. I think there is danger in devils and angels... We never felt self-explorated as artists cause we hardly do anything we don't want to. We're drifting, taken by strong waters...dreams and illusions are the waters, and it is it's noisy stream what wake us up every morning. And it was always all about the art itself...

What kind of headline would you like to have of Escarlatina Obsessiva in a major music magazine? What is success for you? List a few things that would make a weekend fulfilling for you….? In the music business, what kind of people inspire you?

hahaa I'm not that creative: perhaps: Escarlatina Obsessiva proves that music can save the world! - No!!! I don't know... Success is only a kind of consequence, not an end itself. And we do not look for it...we know that in that land, quantity doesn't mean quality. We prefer the underground audience that find us when looking for what is essentially similar to what we look for when we are doing our songs. And, by the way, we really don't know what success is... All we want is that our art can reach who needs it, and nothing more than this... What is great in the music business is the DIY underground independent bands, and their struggle to find their audience in the underwold without this capitalist idea that turns music into a product as such as sugar, or any other. It's all about art, and this distinction must never be forgotten, and this must be the first goal of the artists in their composing act, and not the last one...It's all about the looking for a language, and the symbols that we need to help us to represent our doubts and our eager to find our place in this whole thing called Universe. And the music is the most important tool human beings have to discover more and more about the darkness, the doubt and the mystery, that are the matters their souls and their worlds are built from....

What are your passions? What is it about goth that you like enjoy? What is it about gothic culture that you are most drawn to, that you most appreciate?

Our passions are numberless, but nature and art are ones that must be first listed amongst the things we most love in this world. Courage is an important factor of our preference on goth and the obscure scene. Amongst all the other modern musical genres, the gothics and other 'dark' movements are those that have the courage of not despising, in its artistic representations, the death, and the degeneration, and the decrepitude, and all the other "negative" elements that, beside the 'positive' ones, constitute life. It's not a question of adoring negativities, but a case of putting these aspects of life in the place from where they are commonly took off by cowardice, fear or superstition.
In essence, beside goths, or other styles bands or artistic movements influenced by this more 'realistic' philosophy, all we see is coffee with milk, lots of sugar and a false celebration of an unreasonable and unjustified happiness. It's just a question of facing the reality, something that few wish to do.

What are the basic ingredients of your soul? What makes your soul feel alive most these days? How did your past influence you where you are now? What does your family think of you being a musician?

Perhaps passion and despair, who knows? Working with art always makes our souls feel alive, Indeed, memories are also a part of our influences, And we think that perhaps it doesn't borrow too much our parents the fact that we are underground musicians, althoug I guess they surely think we'd rather be doctors or engineers hahahaha...

If I was to visit your country, where would you take me? Is it easy to be “alternative” in your country? Is the grass greener for you somewhere else? Or are you happy and settled with your life where you are? If I could make one of your wishes come true, what would it be?

Ah, we would bring you to our town, São Thomé das Letras, and we would take you to the highest mountains and the deepest caves over here, and other cool places.... We don't find too much difficulties being alternative, but that's because we live far from town and urban life doesn't influence too much our lifes. Anyway, we live in a touristic town , and we have tourists from all over the world, and that's also a city where there was a big hippie movement at it's time, so we think these factors helped local population to have more open minds in what refer to diversity. We really love to live where we live, with our dogs, in our house amongst the trees and the mountains, and we would hardly change this for anything in this world. If we someday move from here, we would surely go to any similar place, tear apart from (un)"civilized" world, without urban noises and horns, and all that chaos...We love our peace and loneliness and isolation.... We wish you enjoy our enterview and we thank you for this opportunity!!

- Madame / Bats and Robots, por Dennis (2012)

- Por Morpheus Affinito, no Festival Woodgothic (2011)